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November 1, 2016

JCRC Condemns Anti-Semitic Libel of Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon

Minneapolis, MN – Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), issued the following statement condemning the anti-Semitic libel of Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon posted anonymously yesterday on Craigslist:

"The JCRC condemns the vicious anti-Semitic libel of Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon posted anonymously yesterday on Craigslist. In a post, which has since been removed by Craigslist, the headline read 'Jew Scum Secretary of State Steve Simon Ready to Steal Election.' The post went on to outrageously claim that '[w]hen you were in a Coma for the past 16 years, Jews were moving into strategic areas of Government to control Elections & Move Mass Immigration into the US!' The post also includes deeply offensive homophobic, racist, and anti-immigrant slurs and images. It concludes with the phrase 'With Jews we LOSE,' an anti-Semitic slogan which has been adopted elsewhere, including most notably by a write-in candidate in the 2014 United States Senate race in Kentucky.

"We stand in strong solidarity with Secretary of State Simon, a public servant of the highest integrity whose reputation for bipartisanship and fairness is second to none. It goes without saying the charge that Secretary Simon would in any way try to 'steal [the] election' is a vicious libel with no basis in reality.

"It is regrettable that Secretary Simon now joins the ranks of other prominent Jewish Americans who have been subjected to anti-Semitic libel and slander during this increasingly contentious election cycle. According to an October 2016 'ADL Task Force Issues Report Detailing Widespread Anti-Semitic Harassment of Journalists on Twitter During 2016 Campaign,' 'some 19,253 overtly anti-Semitic tweets were sent to at least 800 journalists in the U.S. during the 12-month study.' Apparently, such hate has now spread from Twitter to Craigslist. The JCRC is confident that a strong majority of Minnesotans from all backgrounds will continue to stand united against the kind of bigotry directed this week against Secretary Simon and our Jewish community."

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