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University of Minnesota Publicly Rejects ASA Academic Boycott of Israel

Jewish Community Collaborative Effort Responsible for Positive Outcome

On December 15, in a move condemned by numerous prominent academic scholars throughout the country, the American Studies Association (ASA) membership voted to adopt a resolution supporting an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions following a recommendation by their National Council. The vote, however, represented just a narrow fraction of overall ASA members with less than 20 percent of membership taking part.

In response, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) - in conjunction with the U of M's Center for Jewish Studies and the Minnesota Rabbinical Association - successfully persuaded the University of Minnesota's leadership, including President Eric Kaler, to publicly reject the ASA boycott as it is contrary to the academic ideal of the free exchange of ideas, and reveals unscholarly animus towards the State of Israel. The JCRC continues to partner with these stake-holders to urge other academic institutions to follow President Kaler's example.

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