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Israel agrees to cease-fire and what does it getÖmore Hamas rockets

By Steve Hunegs

First, thank you to Senators Klobuchar and Franken as well as Senators Heitkamp (ND) and Thune (SD) for their co-sponsorship of the Senate Resolution defending Israelís right to self-defense and condemning the unprovoked rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. The House of Representatives unanimously passed the House version last week.

Earlier today, Israel accepted the Egyptian cease-fire proposal which was also endorsed by both the Palestinian Authority and the Arab League. Israel halted its targeted airstrikes against Hamas in the Gaza Strip for six hours. Even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Hamas to end the rocket attacks by asking, ďWhat are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?"

During this period of Israeli restraint, Hamas continued to launch rockets at Israeli civilian populations. This further underscores Hamasí true intention of creating terror in Israel and continuing on its path of Israelís destruction.

Israeli civilians have been besieged by an unprecedented number of terrorist attacks from Hamas and other jihadist operatives in Gaza. Since the beginning of this conflict, over 1,100 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel with the express purpose of killing as many civilians as possible.

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