JCRC Joins Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist Movements in Opposing Religious Test for Immigration

January 30, 2017

Minneapolis, MN – Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), issued the following statement:

“The Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) joins the Minnesota Rabbinical Association; the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist movements; as well as our national colleagues with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and many others, in opposing the January 27, 2017, executive order.

“As Jewish Minnesotans, we also keep in mind, all of us are either immigrants or refugees or the descendants of immigrants and refugees as are our Muslim friends and neighbors. Additionally, as Jews our religious tradition compels us to ‘welcome the stranger’ and treat all people with dignity and respect. As a religious minority, we are the beneficiaries and custodians of a magnificent Constitution, which ensures that our nation does not favor one religion over another and that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all religions are on equal footing in the United States for all matters including immigration.

“Simultaneously, we bear in mind the very real threat which terrorism poses to the United States and the absolute necessity of safeguarding our national security in processes and protections which are balanced with the vindication of our constitutional protections. As Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham noted in a statement: ‘Ultimately, we fear the executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism.’”

As the public affairs voice of the Jewish community, the JCRC fights anti-Semitism and prejudice, advocates for Israel, provides Holocaust education, promotes tolerance and social justice, and builds bridges across the Jewish and broader communities.