Holocaust Education & Remembrance

Learning Through Legacy

Generations After MN is a group of third and fourth generation descendants of Holocaust survivors.  Generations After MN helps plan Yom Hashoah and participates in the JCRC’s speakers’ bureau, telling their family stories to hundreds of students each year.  They are today’s voices for education and action and are an invaluable source for understanding this complex history and its lasting effect on the world.

If you are a descendent of a Holocaust family, please join our private Facebook group.

For more information about becoming a speaker to share your family’s story, please contact Judi Shink.

EDUCATE — Speakers provide family testimony to instill empathy into Holocaust history.

CONNECT — Events planned throughout Minnesota for families of descendants.

REMEMBER — Commemorate significant historical events throughout the state to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust are remembered.



Meira Besikof is a granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, So a and Norman Burstein from Kovno, Lithuania. They survived the Kovno Ghetto, Dachau, and Stutthof extermination camps. Their strength, zest for life, and love of Judaism continue to inspire her.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Meira graduated from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management with a Bachelor of Science in Business and minor in Spanish. She has three school-aged children.


Judi Shink is the granddaughter of four Holocaust survivors. They were her heroes. Ted and Charlotte Weiss were from the former Czechoslovakia and spent the Holocaust in hiding. Jack and Genia Grinbaum were from Poland and are survivors of Harzungen, Dora, Buchenwald, Cyhelmno, Plaksow, and Mauthausen.

Judi has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from UW-Madison and M.Ed. in Parent and Family Education from the University of Minnesota. She has two teenage children.

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