Holocaust Education & Remembrance

Light from the Yellow Star

Dr. Robert Fisch’s book, Light from The Yellow Star: Lessons of Love From the Holocaust, teaches middle and high school students about the Holocaust.

Robert O. Fisch, a survivor of Nazi concentration camps, is a native of Budapest, Hungary. He completed medical school in Hungary, and came to America in 1957. Dr. Fisch became a medical intern and eventually a professor in pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, where he has practiced and taught ever since. Dr. Fisch is known internationally for his clinical research on PKU (phenylketonuria), a genetic disease.

Dr. Fisch studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, the Walker Art Center, the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited in one-man and group shows in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Memphis, Israel, and Austria.

For decades, Dr. Fisch’s feelings about the Holocaust and his experience were a private matter. Now he shares his story so others might learn from the past. His book Light from the Yellow Star: A Lesson of Love from the Holocaust, tells how he came to understand the power of love and freedom.