Holocaust Education & Remembrance

National History Day in Minnesota

2021 Theme: “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding”

Each year, the National History Day office chooses a theme to help students direct their research. Students must make a connection between the theme and their topic. The themes that are chosen are broad, allowing students to research topics on all levels from local history to ancient history. In order to draw a connection to the theme, students must understand the historical significance of their topic and answer questions about time, place, and context. Understanding the impact and significance of the topic will help define why the topic is important and draw this connection to the theme.

Holocaust History (1933-1949)

Entries must relate to a significant event or development taking place in Europe between 1933-1949 that led to or contributed to the events of the Holocaust. The JCRC is also collaborating with the American Swedish Institute to feature the exhibition “Kindertransport: Saving Children on the Brink of War” from July – October 2021 and projects on this particular topic will receive extra emphasis.

Awards: Two $100 awards, one in the Junior Division and one in the Senior Division

Sponsors: Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas

Nominations must be submitted by Thursday, April 15 at 7:59 pm.

For more information and how to be involved in History day, click here.