Holocaust Education & Remembrance

Minnesota Holocaust Films

To ensure that Holocaust education continues and that first-person testimonies continue to be heard, we produced five original, short documentaries about Minnesota Holocaust survivors. Each one is between 15-30 minutes of run time. DVD sets can be purchased for $50.00 and mailed to your school.


Sam Rafowitz: Remaking a Life

The story of Holocaust survivor Sam Rafowitz, the documentary follows Sam from his childhood in Poland, to the Warsaw ghetto, through five concentration camps, to finding his family and remaking his life. Woven with family footage, Sam’s will to live, and devotion to family is evident in those who pay tribute to this true mensch. This film illustrates Sam’s triumphant spirit he continues to carry with him all his life.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I Was Given Life Twice

Hinda Danziger Kibort was the embodiment of living history and someone who, though she experienced immeasurable suffering, never failed to find the good in people. She had the uncanny ability to make people understand that her journey through the Shoah made her stronger.

Theme: humanitarianism

Part 1 | Part 2

In the Shadow of the Acropolis

This film reveals an ancient Jewish culture through the eyes of one Minnesota family that survived the Holocaust in Greece. Through testimony by the Ackos Family, this memoir tells the compelling story of how this culture was almost wiped off the map during World War II. It’s a story you have never heard before.

Theme: Holocaust in Greece

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But Some Survive

Narrated by Esther’s grandson, this documentary follows Esther’s life from her happy childhood in Poland to the Lodz Ghetto and her imprisonment at Auschwitz. Woven with historical Lodz footage and images from the family’s return to Poland, this film illustrates Esther’s triumph as she begins to “live again”.

Theme: Lodz ghetto


Stolen Youth

Stolen Youth tells a history waiting to be told. Mr. David Fishel survived the horrors of working in Nazi Slave Labor camps. He came to America to start a new life and found the courage to sue the German companies that profited from slave labor.

Theme: Slave labor camps