These Words Are Their Flowers

These Words Are Their Flowers – “They Were Killed by Hatred; Their Memory Is Kept Alive in Love.”

I have been thinking for quite a long time whether any medium is appropriate to describe the scope of the tragedy of the Holocaust. How can sorrow, suffering, and atrocities of this magnitude be expressed? With this book I want to say that it is not the ugliness of hate but the beauty of love which survives in time. History is the result of human emotion, conflict, and interest. The purpose of this book is not to make a memento of this horror but to know it and to learn from it. We need to find out how to prevent the occurrence of such a tragedy again and how to be human beings in all circumstances. We must develop principles of belief which provide a good quality of life, with selfrespect as well as respect for others and by others. The Holocaust teaches this lesson: “Love overcomes hate.”