JCRC Celebrates Historic 2023 Minnesota Legislative Session

May 24, 2023

We recently wrapped up a historic legislative session.

This year, JCRC:

  • Led the passage of a Holocaust, Genocide of Indigenous Peoples, and Other Genocides Education mandate. My JCRC colleague Laura Zelle and I were honored to partner with Rep. Frank Hornstein, Sen. Steve Cwodzinski, our colleagues at the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education at the University of Minnesota, as well as Professor Gabriela Spears-Rico and other experts from communities impacted by genocide.
  • Secured a fourth round of state funding for nonprofit security. Thank you to Sens. Bonnie Westlin and Ron Latz, Rep. Heather Edelson, and the JCRC’s Rob Allen for their leadership in ensuring our houses of worship and other nonprofits have better access to the financial resources required to enhance their security.
  • Worked closely with our partners at JFCS to pass a two-year $1.8 million increase for ParentChild+. We are grateful to Sen. Cwodzinski and Rep. Laurie Pryor for helping us maintain Minnesota’s investment in the highly successful ParentChild+ throughout Greater Minnesota
  • Joined valued Jewish community partners in passing laws to better combat hate in Minnesota, reduce gun violence, and bar extremists from serving in law enforcement (Read more in TC Jewfolk). JCRC’s Sami Rahamim testified in support of gun violence prevention legislation, speaking to his own family’s experience with gun violence and the threat that weak gun laws pose to the Jewish community. Thank you to Sen. Ron Latz, Reps. Cedric Frazier and Dave Pinto, as well as to Lori Weissman and NCJW for their unwavering efforts to pass commonsense gun violence prevention legislation.
  • Helped ensure that Sholom and other long-term care providers received urgently needed additional funding. Here, it was truly a community effort with JFCS, JFS, Minneapolis Jewish Federation, St. Paul Jewish Federation, and the MRA all encouraging their members to make their voices heard in support of the extraordinary advocacy led by Sholom and their partners.
On behalf of Executive Director Steve Hunegs and our entire staff, we are deeply grateful to our lay leadership and the community members who contacted their legislators in support of these priorities, and all who sustain JCRC’s work through their financial generosity.

We could not do this without you!

Ethan Roberts
Deputy Executive Director, JCRC
Director, Twin Cities Jewish Community Government Affairs Program

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