Minneapolis City Council tables ‘ceasefire’ resolution; JCRC encourages continued advocacy with Council Members

Further conversation is necessary to produce language that brings people together

Jan. 8, 2024

Today, at its first meeting, the new Minneapolis City Council approved a motion to refer an inflammatory resolution regarding the Israel-Hamas war to committee to allow for further deliberation and public input.

While JCRC does not believe that any such resolution should be a priority for the Minneapolis City Council given the pressing needs of the city, if the Council is intent on passing a resolution regarding the Israel-Hamas War, further conversation with constituents and community stakeholders is necessary to produce language that brings people together and reflects our shared values of embracing the humanity of Israelis and Palestinians alike.

A sign at a January 8, 2023 Minneapolis City Council meeting reads, “Both sides are thirsty / Israel for blood / Gaza for water”

Sadly, the flames of antisemitism were fanned by Council Member Robin Wonsley at today’s meeting. To raucous applause and chanting, CM Wonsley made clear she would not support any resolution that does not demonize Israel under the false accusation of genocide. Signs such as ‘Both sides are thirsty / Israel for blood / Gaza for water’ were emblematic of the hate that resolutions demonizing Israel foment.

Similarly, we were disturbed by the shouting down and insults directed at Council Member Linea Palmisano, who wisely spoke in favor of focusing on local issues, building empathy through education, and against inflaming antisemitism and Islamophobia.

JCRC thanks Mayor Jacob Frey and several members of the Council for their leadership in reaching today’s result. We are particularly thankful to the many Jewish and non-Jewish residents, as well as business owners, who have raised their voices against antisemitism in favor of transparency and good governance and in support of language that brings people together and embraces Israelis and Palestinians shared humanity.

Clearly, our collective voices are making a difference, and we urge Minneapolis stakeholders to continue amplifying our message in favor of unity, responsible governance, and against antisemitism.


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