Legislators need to hear your pro-Israel, pro-peace voice

Since October 7, our community has experienced a surge in antisemitism and rhetoric demonizing Israel. With the legislative session set to begin on February 12, anti-Israel advocates are planning to introduce pro-BDS, anti-Israel legislation.

Rallying under the antisemitic chant of “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” we expect these advocates will flood legislators with their anti-Israel hate. Additionally, at the precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 27, we expect the same anti-Israel advocates to bring forward resolutions condemning Israel.

To counteract this, legislators urgently need to hear our pro-Israel, pro-peace voices.

JCRC has already organized hundreds of constituents to participate in 20 in-person and virtual meetings with their state legislators. Additional meetings have been scheduled and are being scheduled.

At these meetings, constituents shared their feelings of fear, abandonment, and sadness as Minnesota’s Jewish community continues to experience a massive surge of antisemitism since October 7th.  Our meetings have been positive and impactful for both legislators and participants alike. There is still so much resilience within our community.

As a community, we need to amplify the message that we’ve delivered at these constituent meetings: asking legislators not to vote on anything that will negatively impact the Jewish community. Use the template below to email your state representative and senator before the session begins next Monday.

Together, our voices are stronger than hate. Join the movement against antisemitism in Minnesota.

State Legislator Advocacy Template

Find your state representative and senator. Please bcc info@minndakjcrc.org so we can track our outreach. Some Senators have an “email form” on their contact page. Please forward any confirmation or response to us as well.

Subject: Please don’t inflame antisemitism

Dear [Your Rep./Sen.’s name],

As the legislative session begins, I am writing to you as your constituent and as a concerned [member/ally] of the Jewish community.

For four months, the Jewish community has been reeling from the double trauma of the October 7 Hamas atrocities committed against Israelis and skyrocketing anti-Jewish bias and hate here at home.

For example, the Minneapolis City Council’s “ceasefire” resolution and calls for divestment from Israel under the antisemitic slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” have inflamed hatred and bias against Jews.

Our hurt has been compounded by the tokenization of unrepresentative Jewish voices who actively work to undermine the consensus perspective of the Jewish community.

[share how the Oct. 7 terror attacks and rising antisemitism have impacted your feelings of trust and safety as a Minnesotan]

I urge you to oppose any resolution or legislation related to Israel, antisemitism, or Jews that is not supported by JCRC, the consensus public affairs voice of the Jewish community.

Thank you for your service to our state.

[Your name]

[Your address]


As the consensus public affairs voice of the Jewish community, JCRC builds relationships to fight antisemitism and bigotry; educates about Judaism, Israel, antisemitism, and the Holocaust; advocates for Jewish values and priorities; and safeguards our community.