Star Tribune Commentary by Mohamed Ahmed

June 16, 2021

Last Friday CNN contacted the JCRC about reaction to Rep. Omar’s statement about the United States, Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban. Ultimately another story took priority which was regrettable since there was much I wanted to say via CNN’s national platform.

Today, fortunately, the Star Tribune carried an outstanding commentary piece about the issue from Mohamed Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed’s thoughtful and powerful analysis is a superb response to the infamy of the comparison—no matter the subsequent clarification—but, as importantly, offers a constructive path forward for Rep. Omar. Please circulate Mr. Ahmed’s commentary far and wide through your networks.

A couple of other related points to note at this point: please also thank others who are speaking out including the recent statement from Jewish members of Congress including Rep. Dean Phillips.

Per the Taliban comparison from an American perspective, the toxicity of the statement is magnified by the approaching 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In this approaching time of contemplation, we remember the Minnesotans who sacrificed their lives in fighting the Taliban—whether it was Tom Burnett in the skies above Pennsylvania or Minnesota soldiers in Afghanistan who confronted the evil of the Taliban. For these brave individuals, it was not difficult to draw the distinction.

Steve Hunegs
Executive Director


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