JCRC Advocacy: Party Conventions

Updated March 24, 2024

Thank you to everyone who turned out to your precinct caucuses on Feb. 27! Our voices are making an impact in standing up to antisemitism. An early snapshot of our results shows that our resolution passed in over 50 precincts, and anti-Israel resolutions were defeated in at least six precincts (we’re aware of it passing at least 12 others).

JCRC continues to mobilize our community to participate in the party convention process to make sure the consensus voices of the Jewish community are heard in the 2024 election cycle.

What’s next?

  1. Report your Senate District Convention results to JCRC. Did the JCRC resolution condemning antisemitism pass? Did you sign up to be a delegate? Any other notes to share?
  2. Delegates, attend your Senate District convention. See a list of DFL convention dates and locations here.
  3. Delegates, attend your State Convention 

Resolution resources:

Watch: JCRC’s Training for Delegates to Senate District Conventions
Are you signed up to be a delegate or alternate at your party’s Senate District/Organizing Unit convention? Learn what to expect at your convention and discuss strategies for advancing our condemning and combating antisemitism resolution.

Watch: JCRC’s Precinct Caucus Training – Part 2¬†
In part 2 of our Caucus Training series, we reviewed the resolution process, including how to introduce a proactive resolution to oppose antisemitism and offer suggestions for responding to harmful resolutions. 

Watch: JCRC’s Precinct Caucus Training – Part 1
Featuring Sec. of State Steve Simon, DFL Chair Ken Martin, and GOP Chair David Hann